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Bucerias, is a small little fishing town near to Puerto Vallarta, still has amenities of a vacation resort town with close access to Puerto Vallarta (20 minutes south of Bucerias). 5-mile stretch of soft sandy beaches, cobblestone streets and heartwarming charm. The wind season is from January to June. An incredible place for kiteboarding!!.

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kitesurf nuevo vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta is a planned residential-resort community located in Mexico in Nayarit. It is about fifteen minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. This kiteboarding area is one of the most prefered places of the Banderas Bay, people of the south of the Bay and travelers from Guadalajara come to enjoy the large and windy beach. The wind season is from January to June, after that the sea is so warm there is no sea breeze. The wind is always from sea breezes and is from 5-20mph. It‘s possible to get out 4-5 days a week easily in the wind season.

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La Ventosa and Salina Cruz

The mythical area La Ventosa and Salina Cruz is considered to be one of the windiest locations in the world. It’s famous for the hurricane-winds that lead to rollover heavy vehicles on the highway and the only place in the country where exists a large number of wind energy turbines. The strong winds are mainly generated by the ‘Venturi’ effect, between two foothills in the Istmo de Tehuantepec. Most of the year the wind blows from 20 to 35 knots.

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San Carlos, Sonora.

San Carlos is located on the Sea of Cortez, within the port city of Guaymas, Sonora. There are beautiful sand beaches, amazing snorkeling, diving, relaxing, kayaking, and offshore fishing. It has consistent north westerly wind which blows side on shore at all the beaches in the area, that’s why is an spectacular kiteboarding location. The bay offers flat water. Especially on Playa Algodones. October to April is considered to be the best kiteboarding season, the wind is more consistent in winter and spring. Side on shore from 15 to 25 knots. It usually blows around early afternoon.

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The Best Spots

Kitesurf next to the Mayan Ruins.
The new 'Tarifa' in México.
Cosmopolitan tourist town.
Strong and warm winds.
Caribbean Island near Cancun.

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