Whale Shark Tour in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico


Swim and Snorkel with the Whale Shark – a once in a lifetime experience

Come and swim next to the whale shark, the worlds largest fish. Every October this magnificent creatures travel in large numbers to the beautiful Sea of Cortez, more specifically to the Bahia de La Paz, giving you the rare opportunity to experience one of the most exiting encounters between people and nature. Observe this amazing creatures up close and in its natural environment. A just 15 min boat ride from La Paz brings you to the whale shark area.

“It’s a spectacle of nature. It’s unlike anything else that you’ll ever experience.” Robert Hueter, a marine biologist at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Fla.

So if you are in Baja California Sur (Los Cabos, La Paz, Todos Santos or La Ventana) you should definetly not miss this spectacular Ecotour, since their are just a few destinations worldwide where you can actually meet this gentle giant. Furthermore Mexico is one of the best places to swim with this magnificent animal. Why? Because Mexico turned out to have the world’s largest concentration of whale sharks.

Whale Shark season in La Paz, Mexico is from October to april. If you are not around in Mexico in wintertime, another excellent opportunity to snorkel with whale sharks is in Isla Holbox or Cancun (Riviera Maya). The whale sharks visit the mexican caribbean in summertime (mid May – mid September). More info about our Whaleshark-Tour in the Caribbean.

Whale Shark Facts
The Whale Shark is the largest fish on the planet, reaching lengths of arround 18 to 40 feet (5.5 to 12 m). The whale sharks in La Paz area are arround 7 to 10 meters long. The average weight is arround 15 tons.

The name “whale shark” comes from its size, being as large as some species of whales.
But in reality there are not related to whales, they belong to the shark family.

This gentle marine giant is a filter feeder, feeding mainly on plankton, microscopic plants and animals, that gather near the oceans surface. Beside plankton they also eat squid, krill and small fish. As whale sharks swim with their open mouth, they suck in masses of water filled with nourishment using their immense gills as a filter. A whale shark can process more than 6000 liters of water an hour through its gills.

Whale Sharks live in warm waters (near the equator) both along the coast and in the open seas. While feeding themselves they are swimming slowly on the surface, gliding along at approximately 5 km/h, what makes it easy to snorkel next to them.
It is thought that whale sharks may have a lifespan of 100 years. The species is originated about 60 million years ago. Currently they are listed as a vunerable species.

The Whale Shark, despite its size, is absolutely harmless to humans, it is actually a very docile, humble and curious creature.

Live this unique adventure with us! The experienced captain of our tour boat will take you through the beautiful shores of the Sea of Cortez, where the whale sharks gather. On the way, pay attention and do not lose sight of marine life, possibly you can admire some dolphins, stingrays or other sea creatures.

Enjoy the spectacular view of the surounding desert-like landscape.

Ask for our tour packages, as we have many different options for you to realize your individual wishes.

  • Whale Shark Tour only
  • Whale Shark Tour and snorkeling with sea lions, with lunch at the remote and paradisic Beach of Balandra

If you don’t want to loose any windy day we can organize the tour in the early morning for you, so you are back in La Ventana for kiting once the wind picks up in the afternoon.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Discover the mexican underwater world with us! Ask for our tour prices, special offers and more information. Contact us!


Photo Gallery from our Whale Shark and Sea Lion Trip in La Paz, Mexico:

Believe us, snorkeling with whale sharks in Mexico is a unique and unforgettable experience!

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