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Info about kiteboarding in Isla Blanca:

Isla Blanca is situated only just twenty five min. north of Cancun city on a very large flat shallow saltwater lagoon surrounded by the caribbean sea. You can access easily by car. It is possible to kitesurf with any wind direction. Kitesurfing is really safe and without risks due to the smooth, shallow and calm waters on this island. Isla Blanca is an undisturbed peninsula of virgin jungle, considered a marine bird sanctuary with miles of white sandy beaches. Isla Blanca is a secret kite spot for kiteboarders and a perfect getaway from the city of Cancun. You can find some nice rooms at the kite center, camping area and cabanas (cabins). This Island is a tranquil and peaceful destination for the people who want to escape from the huge resorts and crowded beaches. Considered the best kite spot at the Riviera Maya due to the flat and shallow water. There is plenty of space to ride downwind and walk back upwind. Isla Blanca is a incredible location to learn kiteboarding as the lagoon is all waist water deep. The kite boarders beginners progress very fast, ideal for kids and old people that want’s to start into kiteboarding and for freestylers that want to improve their kite tricks.

Day activities: Wildlife watching, Kayaking, stand up paddle board, Snorkeling, Fishing, Contoy Island tours, Isla Mujeres tours, visits to Cancun, El Meco ruins and Boca Iglesia, walk the virgin beaches,

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Kiteboarding Conditions in Isla Blanca:

Dominant winds: N, NE, E, SE. Respect to shore: onshore, side-onshore, sideshore, side-offshore, offshore. Best direction:N, NE, W, NW. Wind strength: 10 knts to 20 knts. Norte winds: 20 to 30 knots. Best season: November, December, January, February, March, April, May. You can kite all directions of wind here. Water details: Flat shallow water, most to the knee-waist, no waves. You can kitesurf on the ocean side or the lagoon side.

Info about Kiteboarding in Cancun Hotel Zone:
If you are visiting Cancun, we suggest that first of all you should try to kite in Isla Blanca due to the best kite conditions, less people, better launching areas and safer. Nevertheless, only if you are a experienced kiteboarder you can kite in the Cancun Hotel zone at the following kite spots: : Playa Delfines (N, E, SE, choppy, some waves), Webcam Cancun, Playa Chac Mool (N, E, SE, choppy, some waves) Marina Chac Chi (N, NE winds) y Punta Nizuc (SE, E) Photos and more info about this spot: (Punta Nizuc, Cancun Kitesurfing)

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The Kite center in Isla Blanca has 10 private rooms, restaurant, pool, playground for kids, parking lot, big garden, kitesurf school, hamacs, jetski, rescue boat, kayaks and stand up paddle boards, terrace and a palapa for activities like yoga or meditation.

From $90 USD
room/ per night
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