Progreso Yucatan is one of the windiest kitesurfing beaches in Mexico.


Info about kiteboarding in Progreso Yucatan:

The city of Progreso is one of the windiest kiteboarding beaches in Mexico for kiteboarding. This port is located in Yucatan state, on the Gulf of Mexico in the north-west of the state just 25 min. north from Merida by highway. Progreso has the Scorpion Reef with its 5 islets 130 kilometers offshore. The port of Progreso has largest other towns around, like Chicxulub, Flamboyanes, Telchac, San Pedro, Santa Clara and Chelem.

Progreso is based on fishing industry and the container industry. The containers from all the world arrive in Progreso. This place is one of the newest ports for largecruise ships and an touristc destination in Mexico. Visitors disembark on a the longest pier 6.5 km in Mexico. The tourist usually visit Progreso, Merida or mayan sites of Uxma, Chichen and Dzibilchaltun.

Progreso chill out ambience is still appealing most of the year; many canadians , americans and europeans who want to run out from their freezy winters are attracted to this beach. The city has many restaurants, cibercafe, supermarkets, nice hospital; all amienities are in the city. 1/2 hour drive from Mérida there are many attractions and cultural activities.

On Progreso you can enjoy the nice beach, whatch some dolphins, diving, snorkeling, tours to the Flamingo colony. Visit Chicxulub, here was the impact point of the giant meteorite, lot of scientifist think erradicated dinosaurs along with 90% other species around 65 millions years ago. Youcan visit Dzibilchaltún, a Maya ruin some 25kilometers, it’s called the “Temple of the Seven Dolls”. There many beautiful cenotes ‘underwater river or cave’ where you can swim, and also visit a small museum.

Kite Conditions:

The water is not very deep, 10 mt. deep 4 km out to sea. You can walk out about 100 meters till water gets to your neck. Little shore break, wind chop, no waves, sometimes get strong. We recommend to take some kitesurfing lessons or classes in Progreso in a kiteboarding school. The choppy water will come from the northeast, when the trade winds are blowing from that same direction (most prevalent wind). Usually when there is a high pressure system from the north (`Norte winds`), the waves can get a bit higher. The water can get a little bit brown with the nortes season because the high winds and chop, churn up the sand from the ocean floor. This is mostly from November to early March. The rest of the year the water is a nice light blueish green color. Sometimes there can be a little bit of sea weed, just near the shore. The best wind direction: NE. Main Direction: N, NNE, NE, SE, SW

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