Kitesurfing in Veracruz and Costa Esmeralda


Info about kitesurfing in Veracruz and Costa Esmeralda:

The State of Veracruz has amazing kiteboarding beaches. In Puerto Veracruz you can kiteboard on different kite spots and beaches where the locals usually kitesurf, such as: Playa Boca del Río, Playa del Hotel Camino Real, Playa Santa Anna (Tampiquera) y Playa Iguana.

The state’s better beaches run along the incredible Costa Esmeralda, a fifty km strip north of the Veracruz port, around five hrs driving from Mexico City. Costa Esmeralda sand is a little grey-brown, waters hot and large beaches, so this destination is perfect to be lonely and for kiteboarding. UNESCO World Heritage site of El Tajin is nearly by, a archeological site or ceremonial center of the Totonacs. Here on the Emerald Coast o Costa Esmeralda, we can have a some peaceful days and also enjoy the amazing food and chillout in an relax atmosphere.

Incredible beaches on this area, tropical shore, and plenty of oil wells. The state of Veracruz occupies a large part of the coast and is scattered with still unspoilt towns and archeological sites as this is not very travel part in the country.

Kiteboarding Conditions in Veracruz:

The sea of Costa Esmeralda is green (that is why, Emerald Coast), the sand is light grey, the beaches are empty, food is excellent and good prices. The coastline is straight and perfect for beginners or downwinders. At the southern end of the Emerald Coast, only ten 10 minutes driving), there is a large river estuary with flat water, excelent for freestyle. And two hour drive there are a vast number of other ideal beach, lagoon and estuary destinations for all levels of kiters.

Dominant winds: N, SE. Respect to shore: onshore, side-onshore, sideshore. Best direction: N, SE. Best season: January, February, March, April, June, October, November, December. Being exposed to the breezy Gulf of Mexico the wind blows from S/SE an average of 4 kiteable (13-25 knots) for many months of the year. The S/SE are strongest during March-April as the land becomes very hot and creating thermals. We are famous for our Nortes which go from Oct-March with winds from 20-40 knots.

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The Best Spots

Kitesurf next to the Mayan Ruins.
The new 'Tarifa' in México.
Cosmopolitan tourist town.
Strong and warm winds.
Caribbean Island near Cancun.

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