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New Logo

KITESURF VACATION has grown, improved and evolved over several years. We have started a stage with a new image, logo, projects and a new website coming soon. After 7 years of using the previous logo, we decided to renew the KITESURF VACATION logo for a more modern, clean and aesthetic one. For which we return to the central figure of the previous logo; the three kites that symbolize the essence of wind and movement. Likewise, we include the figure of the pyramid, which acts as the representation of the pre-Hispanic civilizations that inhabited our country.

Previous Logo and Slogan

Our previous logo is formed by a kite that resembles the Moon. In Aztec and Mexica mythology, this symbolizes Metztli, goddess of the Moon. The central figure refers to three kites that project the essence of the wind, and the glyph at the bottom represents the prehispanic civilizations of our country.

On the other end, the slogan ‘The answer my friend… is blowing in Mexico’, brings us back to the times of various mystical civilizations of ancient Mexico; such as Mayas, Aztecs, Olmecs, Toltecs, etc. Highly advanced societies for their time, equipped with knowledge and intelligence of an elevated level in many areas – astronomy, mathematics, physics, agriculture, painting, architecture, religion and other sciences and arts. They were, for example, great observers of the heavens and the stars, they established perfectly precise calendars, excellent architectural structures and they could predict eclipses and significant future events.

Why did they have this knowledge, awareness and higher wisdom?

Visit our country and find out for yourself!

The Best Spots

Kitesurf next to the Mayan Ruins.
The new 'Tarifa' in México.
Cosmopolitan tourist town.
Strong and warm winds.
Caribbean Island near Cancun.

Kitesurf Vacation

We offer vacation rental properties and accommodations at the best destinations for kiteboarding in Mexico, along with all inclusive kitesurfing holidays, kiteboarding lessons, kitesurf equipment sale, tours, kite trips, info about each location and other services.

Kitesurf Vacation is part of a corporate group related to Real Estate and Tourism called Grupo–Valverde.

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