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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Mexico for your next Kiteboarding Holidays

Mexico offers all that a kiter could probably dream of. It is a unique country in many ways. We (Tina and Jaime from are in love with our home and love to share the magic of this country with others. We have lived and travelled the best kite destinations in Mexico. As passionated kiteboarders we know exactly what you are looking for on a Kite Holiday.

Here are 10 reasons why Mexico is the best place to spend your next Kite Holidays at and should definitely be on your Kite-Travel Bucket List!

Mexico offers many beautiful colorful kiteboarding spots. There are spots for every taste, you can choose depending your personal wishes and your kite level. The mexican caribbean ocean, shallow flatwater lagoons, the Baja dessert and its Sea of Cortez, the Pacific or the Gulf of Mexico? You decide which mexican ocean is gonna be your Playground!

What would be a kite trip without wind? We are lucky that the wind is blowing almost all year around. No matter when you come to Mexico, there is always gonna be a windy spot waiting for you. Just consider that the best windy months are from October to June.

In Mexico the local kite community is a big family and you can be sure that you will get part of this family. Mexican and international local kiters that are living temporary in Mexico will warmly welcome you. You will make many new local and international kiter friends while visiting mexican Kite Spots.

No one likes to kite in overcrowded spots. In Mexico you will still find this little kiters heaven with lots of space on the water to learn kiteboarding in a save way or to try your new freestyle tricks without worrying to get tangled. Also there are still many secret spots to be explored and kited.

As Mexico got a popular tourist destination also for non-kiters, there exist many international direct flights from Europe, the United States and Canada. That makes it easy, accessible and affordable to fly to Mexico! Each Mexican kite destination has an airport in close driving distance. You can get great deals booking your flight ticket in advance. If you are visiting us from Germany, France, Spain or any other european country check out Condor, Jetairfly, Wamos Air for the best deals.

Mexico offers much more than just Kiteboarding. So make sure to rest a few days from kiting or use a probably non windy day to explore the beauty of this country. Discovering ancient Mayan Pyramids, swimming next to the Whale Shark, the largest fish in the world, jumping into a fresh limestone sinkhole (Cenote), mountain biking the baja dessert, Freediving, Paddleboarding, Yoga by the sea, interacting and watching Humpbackwhales, exploring virgin islands, Spearfishing, visiting mexican towns… there is no end to the List of Things-To-Do on your mexican Kite Holidays. We promise, you will never get bored and maybe start planing already your next trip before even leaving this place.

Start your day with a fresh fruitshake or a Coconut to get the dose of vitamins you need and be full of energy to play all day long on the water. After a great kite session go for some Tacos and a Cerveza. And what about having a shot of Tequila or some delicious Margaritas while watching the sunset.

In each kite destination you will find many delicious local mexican restaurants that serve traditional food such as Fajitas, Empanadas, Tacos, Enchiladas, and much more. Make sure to try Ceviche, a local dish with fresh seafood. From super cheap streatfood, nice economic local mexican restaurants or gourmet cuisine, there is a little bit for every taste and wallet.

You want to learn kitesurfing? Not yet independent and need a supervision? You don’t want to carry your own kite gear? Want to try foiling?
 We have Kitecenter-Partners in every spot offering kite lessons, rental of equipment or supervision. We connect you with professional local kite schools to ensure you have a 100% local mexican kite holiday!

From a budget stay to a comfy beach villa you will find it all. 
Mexico has everything that you possibly can dream of. Beach Villas, Casitas, Cabanas, Kite Houses, Kite Hotels, Condos, Camping and more. We have created a Listing of accommodations for each mexican Kitespot to help you finding your favourite kite accommodation. Stay close or right at the Kitespot. And the best, all accommodations are wisely chosen and approved by us. That gives you a 100% guarantee and safety compared to many other internet platforms. Many of them are owned and managed by kiters who will be happy to give you many helpful insider tips.

The accommodations we provide have all what a Kiter needs!

10. KITE on different KITELOCATIONS
Many of the Kitespots are close to each other and it is easy to get from one to another, so you can kite several spots in one holiday. This makes your kiteboarding trip more fun and diverse. If you visit the Riviera Maya for example, you can kite the flatwater lagoon of Isla Blanca for a few days, then head 1,5hrs cardrive south to ride the waves of Tulum and end your trip with a sunset kite session in the lovely kitetown El Cuyo.

Need more reasons to travel and kite Mexico?
See you hopefully soon,
Tina and Jaime


The Best Spots

Kitesurf next to the Mayan Ruins.
The new 'Tarifa' in México.
Cosmopolitan tourist town.
Strong and warm winds.
Caribbean Island near Cancun.

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