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Living the lifestyle of a kiter in El Cuyo Kitecamp 2017

“Beyond a water- and extreme sport, for us kitesurfing is a lifestyle that allows you to connect with the elements of nature, appreciate more the environment, travel to different destinations, meet people of different ages and nationalities, break your fears and value more the simple things in life.” Jaime Ancira Valverde (Founder of Kitesurf Vacation)

Nothing better to feel and experience all those aspects behind Kiteboarding than in a Kitecamp, where people come together to learn or progress in kiteboarding, sharing their passion, traveling to exotic windy places and discovering new cultures, living the lifestyle of a kiteboarder. For our Kitecamp in February 2017 we choosed El Cuyo in Yucatan, Mexico, a small authentic mexican fishermen village that apart from its windy coastline and friendly locals offers kilometers of white sandy beaches, almost empty and lots of space on the water, truly a kiteboarders paradise. The perfect place to learn kiteboarding and discovering a yet secret Kitespot, away from the crowded tourist areas. Apart from kiteboarding it’s the ideal destination to discover Mexicos natural treasures like Cenotes (water sinkholes), ancient mayan ruins and colonial cities.

During our one week Kitecamp our main objective was of course to support each of the kite camp students in their kiteboarding progress, spending as much time on the water as possible and having a great kiteboarding experience. But for us a succesful Kitecamp goes much further than that. One of our goals was to carry out different activities that involve cultural, environmental and ecological aspects, ambiental education and most important support the local community. We always want to transmit the mexican culture to all of our students and make sure they have a 100% local authentic experience.

Apart from kite lessons that were held from our kitecenter partner El Cuyo Kiteschool and some kite clinics about safety held by Jaime (Kitesurf Vacation), we made some excursions to Isla Holbox, a beautiful Caribbean Island, climbing the Mayan Pyramids of Ek Balam, jumping into a fresh water sinkhole (Cenote) in Yucatans jungle and walking around in Valladolid, the Colonial City of Yucatan.

On top of that the local kite instructors were so kind to take us on a guided Tour through their hometown El Cuyo teaching us about the history and daily life of their colorful town, the economic activities of the villagers and introduced us to a charismatic local craftsman called ‘El Artesano’. Accommodation and delicious mexican as well as international food was offered by Las Casitas El Cuyo and its lovely team, that made us feel at home quickly. The nights were spent with bonfire and marshmallows, singing & playing the guitar and movie nights with great kite movies such as ‘Together’ from Vivida Lifestyle. One night biologists from the CONANP came giving an ambiental talk about the environment and animals that live in the biosphere reserve of Ria Lagartos. On the last day we closed with a closing ceremony with dj and acknowledgments to the participants.

All those activities made this ElCuyoKitecamp 2017 a great experience. Nothing better than creating memories that will last forever. We (Tina and Jaime from want to thank so much to everyone that was involved and made this Kitecamp so unique!!! Special thanks goes to El Cuyo Kiteschool, Las Casitas El Cuyo, CONANP de La Reserva de la Biosfera Ria Lagartos, Pelicano FilmsKitespain Magazine for providing us with their great magazines, and of course all the students and ‘The American School Foundation of Guadalajara’ for trusting in our services!

Stay tuned for more KitesurfVacation-Kitecamps in different kite destinations in Mexico coming soon!!!

The Best Spots

Kitesurf next to the Mayan Ruins.
The new 'Tarifa' in México.
Cosmopolitan tourist town.
Strong and warm winds.
Caribbean Island near Cancun.

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