Los Barriles is a Kitesurfing Location near Los Cabos.

A magical place to learn how to kiteboard. Los Barriles town is situated on Baja California Sur, on the shores of the Sea of Cortez between La Paz and Los Cabos. In this village you can find campgrounds, small typical mexican houses, nice restaurants, tiny stores, white sandy beaches and incredible sport fishing. You will find incredible spots beaches where you can practice some snorkeling or just relax. Los Barriles is a town for travellers who want to be away from the big resorts and enjoy the nature. Usually, the turtles still lay their eggs on the coast, you will see some rays and dolphins swim in the ocean, sea lions and cows still roam the small streets of the village. Here you will find friendly people. An expat community lives here most of the year while the locals are very open and welcome anyone. If you want to come, first fly to Los Cabos Airport, it’s only 1 hour on car. Or fly to La Paz, 40 minutes.

Kiteboarding Conditions:

Los Barriles village is an incredible sandy destination perfect for beginners and also to practice your wave style thanks to his great shore break. Take some kitesurfing lessons and classes in a professional kiteboarding school. The beach of Los Barriles is a big place, locals say that best place is in Playa Norte, north-east side of the beach. Los Barriles has a huge beach.

Warm winters, hot summers tempered with breezes, describes La Paz’s weather. The Baja is narrow at this point, so the Pacific Ocean has some influence on the weather here, making it cooler than settlements further up the sea of Cortez coast. It averages only 6 inches of rain per year, and most of that is in August and September. Winter temps in the 70°Fs and 80s°F, can get as low as 50°F at night, so bring warm clothes. Water in the 70s °F, shorty is handy. Dominant winds: N, NE. Respect to shore: side-onshore, sideshore. Best direction: N, NE. Wind strength: 10 knots to 25 knots. Blowing at: morning and afternoon. The best months are January, February, March, October, November, December. Wind Type: Thermal Winds. Look for El Norte winds, a thermal wind building early in the morning and keeping up all day long (20+ kts).

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