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La Ventana Classic 2016 – 8th annual event


The 5 day kiteboarding event ‘La Ventana Classic’ took place at the beautiful Hot Springs beach in La Ventana, Baja California Sur, from january 6th to 10th. The 8th annual La Ventana Classic organized by Tim Hatler of Palapas Ventana and Marina Chang of The Kiteboarder Magazine brought kiters, SUPers and windsurfers from all over the world together, competing for $5,000 US dollars of prize money.

The main event’s goal was to help local students in La Ventana and El Sargento to continue their education and to contribute to high school scholarships. At the end, the event raised $12,666 US dollars to send local kids to school.

The event included different disciplines of kitesurfing, windsurfing and SUP: course racing, island crossing, downwinders, strapless, freestyle and big air contest, and a Kite Expo & demo gear with brands including Airush, Best, Cabrinha, F-One, Naish, Ozone, Slingshot, and Star Kites.

Lots of parties, mexican food, presentations and wind for all the people who came to join the event. The 5 day event finished with a great awards party at Pizza Vela.

Congratulations to all competitors, sponsors, organizers, local government and volunteers who made this event posible.


SUP Overall Men: 1. Anthony Vela 2. Jeremy Vaine 3. MacRae Wylde
SUP Overall Women: 1. Bonnie Fromm 2. Terri Plunkett 3. Dianna Steven
Foil Races Women: 1. Astrid Bertz
Foil Races Men: 1. Nico Landaurer 2. Adam Withington 3. Edjer Ginyol
Short Course Racing Sportswomen: 1. Ashley Burnside 2. Pam Glendinning
Short Course Racing Sportsmen: 1. Eric Vanek 2. Jaime Ancira Valverde 3. Robb Zurrin
Short Course Racing Women: 1. Vasilisa Zaytseva
Short Course Racing Men: 1. Evan Netsch 2. Grom Gormley 3. Mac Scaggs
The Crossing Sportsmen: 1. Jaime Ancira Valverde 2. Dave Beddows 3. Phil Schonger
The Crossing Women: 1. Marie Leclerc 2. Vasilisa Zaytseva 3. Pam Glendinning
Strapless Freestyle: 1. Evan Netsch 2. Mac Scaggs 3. Grom Gormley
Freestyle Sportswomen: 1. Astrid Bertz 2. Pam Glendinning
Freestyle Sportsmen: Tie for 1st: Jaime Ancira Valverde and Phil Schonger 2. Eric Vanek
Freestyle Women:1. Marie Leclerc 2. Min Kim 3. Vasilisa Zaytseva
Freestyle Men: 1. Anthar Racca 2. Evan Netsch 3. Adam Withington

Photos  by: Tina Lang (Kitesurf Vacation)

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